Actor Johnny Calabro

The Pirate Radio Guy

"Hank Hayes" is The Pirate Radio Guy
Actor Johnny Calabro is Hank Hayes!

Pirate radio

Unlicensed, clandestine, underground, not to mention, illegal! The adventures of America's Most Prolific Radio Pirate (Johnny Calabro) are currently being produces as a fun and exciting documentary. It all began with a Brooklyn housing project bedroom radio station: WCPR 1620 AM

Photo of Johnny Calabro behind a microphone.

WFAT "Fat Radio" 1620 AM

Born on New Years Eve 1977, FAT Radio was Where It's At!

WHOT AM & FM "The Brooklyn Station!

The wildest Pirate Radio Station that ever existed!

WGUT 1620 AM

The largest underground broadcast facility on the east coast!

Radio New York International

America's Off-Shore Pirate Radio Radio ship!

the beginning: wcpr 1620 am

Growing up in the 1960s I always had a transistor radio pressed to my ear, usually tuned to whichever radio station was playing The Beatles' latest top-40 hot record.

FAT Radio WFAT 1620 AM

The adventures of WFAT, FAT Radio!

WGUT (WHOT in disguise)

We needed to return to AM in the winter: the New Years Spectaculars were too good to miss out on!

RNI Radio New York Int'l

Broadcasting from the radio ship Sarah, anchored 3 1/2 miles of the coast of Long Beach Long Island, New York!

The big one: whot AM&FM

Our years of broadcasting, record buying, jingle collecting, and recording culminated to form the wildest pirate radio station the world has ever seen!